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Try Me Kit

introduction to skin care


A quintet of trial-sized skincare essential for him.  A $42 value for half the price.
This all-in-one kit is an ideal gift and introduction to Zirh.  Clean is a purifying and soothing facial cleanser. Scrub is a deep cleanser designed to slough off dead skin, leaving a healthy, purified complexion.  Aloe vera Shave Gel is a clear, non-foaming shave gel that provides unrivaled shaving precision and protection.  Its transparent formula allows for maximum visibility.  Protect is an effective hydrator that fights the negative effects of free radicals that come from environmental pollution and sun damage.  Correct is a problem-solving facial serum that replenishes skin with vital nutrients to make it look its best—now and in the future.


kit contains:



alpha-hydroxy face wash

1.0 oz

aloe facial scrub

1.0 oz
Shave Gel

aloe vera shave gel

1.0 oz


daily face moisturizer

1.0 oz


vitamin enriched serum

1.0 oz




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Try Me Kit














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