Manufacturer of the original, patented self-tanning towelette.

Incorporated in 1998 by Australian born, Lori Braun, president and owner.  Her dream to create the ultimate self-tanning product came true with her creation of the patented process of the tantowel which she started researching in her home town of Melbourne in 1997.  Loriís desire to produce a product that would provide a healthy, natural looking glow that was simple to apply, with no odor, no mess, and would not streak; brought her to the United States where she was able to achieve all the product standards, and quality that she demanded.  Her vision has not only exceeded expectations for herself and millions of customers all over the world, but has helped in the education of sun damage leading to skin cancer.


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tantowel evolution

full body self-tan towelette

for fair skin or beginning tanners

tantowel PLUS

for a deeper, darker tan

for olive skin or frequent tanners



the exfoliating towelette





the tan extending towelette


Moisture Mist

after tantowel